Meet Our Penny Lou Ambassadors!

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Meet our Ambassadors

What's the best way to enagage your customers and show how good your products look? them off on some cute doggos of course!

That's where our Ambassadors come in!  They have a passion for our brand and are going to be around to show you all of the exciting products we have to offer!

You also get the added bonus of some amazing doggy pictures to make you smile too!

So PLEASE show them some love and give them a follow on their social media can also use their EXCLUSIVE discount codes for some money off your next purchase too!

So here they are...


Penny Lou UK | Brand Ambassador Penny

 So Penny is the top dog at HQ...a cute Cockapoo who we're not ashamed to admit is pretty much in charge!

She's the loveliest little puppy with a crazy streak and just loves cuddles from mum and dad.

She is the most social and lovable dog, and is constantly investigating new things.

She can "shake a paw", "hi-five", "sit", "lie down" and "roll over" and we're working on some more to add to her repertoire!

Her favourite treat is tuna and peanut butter...and we love to go to the duck pond on walkies to annoy the swans.

She's our chief tester and our top collar model and you can catch her antics on her Instagram Page - @LittlePennyPreston






Penny Lou UK | Brand Ambassador Buster

This is Buster, the Handsome Border Terrier and he is SUPER excited to join the Penny Lou Crew as a Brand Ambassador! 

He is an extremely friendly, loving and loyal boy.

His favourite toy is his gingerbread man who he has had since he was a pup.

His favourite treat is Cheese and...Ice Cream!! YUM!

He can dance around in a circle and can work out any treat puzzle in seconds.

His favourite day out is to Holkham Beach in Norfolk, He loves it there.  He had my photo taken with his mum and dad and it appeared in "Your Dog" magazine!

He has also had his own charity calendar which raised £1300 for his Local Hospice.

You can catch his antics over on his Instagram Page - @BusterBorderT





Penny Lou UK | Brand Ambassador Maxie

This is Maxie, a Pomeranian x Klein Spitz.

Maxie blurs the line between fox cub and puppy. With his pointed ears, long snout and orange-cream colouring, people will often enquire 'is that a baby fox?' (he even screeches like one too!).

As a master escapologist, Maxie can crawl under the smallest spaces or fit through the tightest gaps, he is also a highly-skilled acrobat, spending most of his time on his hind legs or throwing himself in the air to get to wherever the treats are hidden!

At 4 months old, he already knows a variety of tricks, including 'high-five', 'spin' and 'roll over'.

His favourite toys are anything with small, thin pieces that he can pull on and his favourite treats are all of them (especially chicken and cheese!). 

Maxies favourite place to be is at the park, picking up grass, mud, leaves, or anything else he shouldn't have. 

You can catch his antics over on his Instagram Page - @maxie.pom  




Penny Lou UK | Brand Ambassador Rusty

This is Rusty, the Golden Retriever

"Hello Hoomans, I’m Rusty! a bouncy and bubbly Golden Retriever. I am 3 months old. I have been told I can be a rather cheeky chap! but I always make everyone I meet melt with my puppy dog eyes and my side head tilt.

My Favourite toy is my KONG! As it’s always filled with secret treats! And I go head over paws for chicken! With tricks anything is Pawsible, I can do sit, high 5!, roll over and I have recently learnt to give kisses on demand!

I love to explore and look forward to my adventures with my hoomans on the weekends. Sometimes, they even take me to the beach!"

You can catch Rusty’s antics over on his Instagram Page - @Rustyliciouss





 Penny Lou UK | Funky Dog Collars, Leads and Accessories - Brand Ambassador Bailey

 This is Bailey, the Cavapoo

Bailey is a fox red Cavapoo who loves to snuggle with his humans and play with his favourite toys, Pink Pig and Bobby the Banana.

He loves to run in the park and meet other doogos.  Bailey is a very calm dog and loves to lick your face.  He's also partial to a treat or two (or even three)

You can catch Rusty’s antics over on his Instagram Page - @itsbaileythecavapoo


If you and your pup are interested in becoming a Penny Lou Brand Ambassador, please send some words on why you love our brand so much and why you'd be great on the team along with some photos to  


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